Free-speech Literature as a Response to Censorship in Russia. A charitable non-profit initiative.
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Hardcopy and delivery.

All the profit is directed towards charity.

We do not ship to Russia.
A digital replica with an English translation.

The profits are distributed among the authors and charitable organizations.
resenting 'Rodina' is a self-published zine for free-speech literature.

We aim to use freedom of speech as a tool to support charitable initiatives. Through contemporary literature, we seek to comprehend the context of war and Russian censorship, and explore the ethical questions of the current reality. We believe that active knowledge will assist us in this endeavor.

'Rodina' is published in Berlin and is an independent, private initiative not aligned with any political movement or public association. We do not pursue commercial goals; all proceeds are distributed among charitable foundations.

The name 'Rodina' represents a dream of a homeland free from violence.
Every individual has the right to freely seek, receive, impart, produce, and distribute information through any lawful means. <...> Freedom of the press is ensured. Censorship is prohibited.

Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Fundraising for Rodina
n the first issue, we have assembled twelve artistic texts that address the themes of war, human rights, LGBTQ+, feminism, and freedom of speech. We present these texts in their original authorial form. The publication is available in three different cover variants. We extend our gratitude to all the authors, photographers, friends, and readers for their participation and support.

As a digital replica, we are planning to release an NFT version of the self-published work "Rodina" with an English translation. This will allow us to distribute royalties through a peer-to-peer method among publishers, authors, and charitable foundations.

Authors: Leonid Kaganov, Christian Gorsky, Blue Rat, Anton Botev, Regina, Marina Vasilyeva, Denis Esakov, Natasha Podlyzhnyak, Grigory Komlev, Inga Shepelyova, Olya Nikiforova, Ara Chalym.

Print run: 100 copies
Format: A5
Size: 112 pages
Printing: Risograph
Color: Blue

NFT total supply: 300 copies
Chain: Polygon Matic
As a digital replica, we are planning to release an NFT version of the self-published work "Rodina" with an English translation.
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